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Northeast Florida Health Information Management Association

2019 Membership Application
January 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019


In January 2019, NEFHIMA changed their membership time period from a calendar year to a fiscal year.

Therefore, during this transition, anyone who joins NEFHIMA from January 1, 2018 until June 30, 2019 will be applied to the 2018-2019 membership year.

The 2019-2020 membership year will begin on July 1, 2019 and it will run from July 1, 2019 until June 30, 2020.

 Membership Fees:

Active Membership ($30)

Any person who lives in the Northeast region and holds a AHIMA credential or Director/Manager/Chairperson of a department or organization engaged in health information management or medical record work in hospitals or other allied health fields may be admitted to active membership upon receipt of dues and shall be entitled to vote, to hold office and to serve on committees or projects.

Student Membership ($15)

Any Student enrolled in formal health information management or medical record education programs located in the Northeast region, including independent study programs, may hold student membership upon receipt of dues. Student members may serve on committees but shall not be entitled to vote or to hold office.

Corporate Membership ($65)

Any corporation interested in the purposes of health information management or medical record administration is eligible for corporate membership. The corporation shall designate one representative, who shall have rights and privileges of membership including that of serving on committees with voice and vote; however, shall not be entitled to other voting privileges or to hold office.

Join or Renew

When you join online, you will have the option to pay by mail with a check or pay online with a credit card (AMEX, MasterCard, or Visa). If you are paying by check, select “offline/mail” under payment options in the shopping cart. You will later see instructions to print the invoice page and mail your payment to KnowledgeConnex. The mailing address will be on the invoice. Make your check payable to KnowledgeConnex. You can determine if your membership fee has been received by clicking here.